Established in 2001, PT EarthLine provides high-resolution satellite and drone imagery, survey and mapping services. EarthLine is globally known worldwide for its precise oil palm counting and detailed estate mapping. Over the last 18 years, EarthLine has provided customers with over 20 million hectares (1,000 orders) of high-resolution (< 1m) satellite imagery for multiple applications in various sectors. EarthLine has long-standing relationships as official value-added resellers with all major satellite imagery vendors.

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Our Team

Perry Mandeville, President Director

Perry was born in Denver, Colorado on August 19th and responsible the overall management of EarthLine. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Land Use Planning with an emphasis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Metropolitan State College Denver, Colorado in 1994. A year later he moved to Bandung, Indonesia with his family. Perry established the PMA Company, offering satellite imagery, image processing services, GIS software, Digital Elevation Models, digital and paper maps, application development and training in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wahyu Wibowo, Director

Wahyu Wibowo, known as Bowo, is the brain power behind production and helps run the Sales Team. First starting out as a surveyor for 7 years, he has an in-depth knowledge of mapping and imagery and worked his way up to Director. He studied Geodetic Engineering at Gadjah Mada University and graduated in 2003. Since then he joined and helped grow the company. He is the father of 3 children and basketball as his favorite game.