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What is IFSAR?

IFSAR, or Interferometric synthetic aperture radar, is a remote sensing method using airborne radar to create 3D maps. IFSAR is not limited by smoke, clouds and night and has the ability to cover large areas. Atmospheric and temporal elements are not an issue, allowing greater accuracy and spatial detail in DEM production. IFSAR: 1, vertical accuracy (RMSE)

Industries: Insurance, aviation, telecommunications, government and agriculture.

Our partner, InterMap, is a geospatial global industry leader in airborne radar.


What is LiDAR?

LiDar (light detection and ranging) is a remote sensing method using light pulses to create extremely precise detail, useful in many sectors. These light pulses, in combination with other airborne data, generate extremely precise 3D information.

LiDAR can be used to produce high precision maps, digital elevation models and digital terrain models (3D maps) applicable to many sectors. Useful applications include corridor mapping, acquiring terrain information and line-of-sight analysis. In the right conditions, an RMSE vertical accuracy of 15cm is achievable.

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