High-resolution orthophotography, digital terrain models and infrared imagery to support planning, reporting, monitoring, environmental restoration, volume analysis and feature capture for asset management.

Stockpile Volume Calculations.

Improve efficiency by getting accurate stockpile volume calculations using drones and/or satellites.

Our drones can be used to produce more accurate 3D stockpile models with accurate volumetric measurements data. Images can be used to gain more accurate decisions and speed up the job process. This allows less room for error in the reporting, as compared to traditional on the ground measuring

Corridor Mapping.

Planning a corridor requires assessments such as preferred route, as well as one or two alternatives. Distance, environmental impact studies, feasibility assessments, cost studies and, most importantly, good imagery as needed for the initial design.

Once a corridor has been selected, topographic map and higher resolution imagery can be particularly valuable to support activities such as land acquisition, property surveys, locating and documenting areas where environmental mitigation activities may be required, thematic mapping, incorporating multiple datasets, public meetings and hearings, permits, design engineering and land cover mapping

Produce accurate land cover maps.

Land cover maps can assist mining companies in volume calculation, land compensation; count individual houses/huts and cultivated areas, monitor development progress, inventory assets, encroachment monitoring, land reclamation, environmental planning and monitoring; identify high conservation areas (e.g. forest, swamp and rivers) and risk assessments.

Precision Monitoring.

Detect and monitor illegal activities such as illegal mining, encroachment and theft. Identify and reduce risks, such as areas unstable terrain prone to landslides and flashfloods.  As well as illegal activities and risk detection, keep track of rehabilitation and land restoration efforts.

Topographic Data.

Design better with remote sensing. Use high precision topographic data, vital for optimal site selection and mine design.