About Us

We are remote sensing experts with the flexibility of drone and satellite services and experienced on-the-ground support.

PT EarthLine provides high-resolution satellite and drone imagery and mapping and surveys for multiple applications in various sectors. Over the past 19 years, EarthLine has mapped over 20 million hectares in over 1,000 projects, globally.

What Makes Us Unique?

We build our drones from scratch.

Our skilled engineers develop top-of-the-line drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), designed specifically to meet our client’s requirements. Our fleet of high-spec fixed-wing and multi rotor are ready to use in any project.

We are trusted official resellers of all major satellite companies.

We are offering higher flexibility than our competitors. EarthLine has long-standing relationships as official value-added resellers with all major satellite imagery vendors and can provide the highest resolution satellites can offer.

We have in-depth experience, knowledge and skill in geospatial data and analysis.

We have the ability to make valuable connections and extract the necessary information. There is no point in generating geospatial data unless you can understand it.

We have a national and global network.

We have a national and global network of research facilities, laboratories and universities to collaborate and partner with.

Our History

EarthLine was founded in 2000 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It started out as one of the first companies in Indonesia to transition from using Trimble GPS and aerial plane surveys to high-resolution satellite data, offering cost-effective, efficient and accurate solutions. EarthLine started when high-resolution commercial satellite imagery had recently become available, offering new technology with the highest accuracy and efficiency on the market to clients. In addition to satellite imagery, we started building our own drones to adapt to a multitude of projects for any client.

Nearly 20 years later, EarthLine employs between 50-80 people and we are the only company in Indonesia to be authorized resellers of all major global satellite vendors, building longstanding relationships and partnership agreements.

EarthLine’s Customers

These are EarthLine’s customer boundary locations throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.




(SPOT Image and Space Imaging Partners)


DigitalGlobe partner


Mapped 1.2 million hectares of Sinarmas Forestry


Intermap Partner
(Airborne radar IFSAR)


Airphoto via plane (WinRock)


Multispectral imagery analysis services including crop stress detection


Drone aerial surveys added


Development of our own drones for projects


MicaSense Red Edge multispectral sensor


over 20 million hectares mapped, including over 1.3 million hectares flown via drones.


Keragaman, inklusifitas, dan kerja keras adalah inti dari kami. Kami percaya lingkungan kerja yang baik sangat penting untuk kesejahteraan karyawan dan produktivitas bagi klien kami.


EarthLine berusaha untuk tetap menjadi perusahaan pemetaan dan citra terkemuka. Kami ingin menggunakan intelejensi geospasial dan survei agronomi untuk mendorong sektor pertanian Indonesia, membantu dalam menghadapai isu ketahanan pangan.


Untuk menerapkan layanan pemetaan dan pencitraan yang akurat dan efisien untuk setiap sektor yang berlaku. Misi kami adalah meningkatkan pertanian dan membantu Indonesia mencapai ketahanan pangan melalui penginderaan jauh dan pertanian presisi

Our Leadership

Perry Mandeville
Perry Mandeville
President Director & Founder

Perry is EarthLine’s visionary. He leads the company to expand and explore new opportunities, always seeking to evolve. Almost 20 years later of dedication and passion, EarthLine is now recognized as the top imagery and mapping company in Indonesia, with a respected global presence and long-standing customer relationships.

Wahyu Wibowo
Wahyu Wibowo

Wahyu Wibowo, known as Bowo, runs the production team and has a meticulous eye for detail. Starting out as a surveyor, Bowo worked his way up to Director, developing an in-depth knowledge of each department. He graduated top of his class at Gadjah Mada University in Geodetic Engineering and has used his expertise and interpersonal relationships to help grow and keep the company running efficiently.